COVID-19 Sport Northland Event Policy


In order to hold a Sport Northland Event within the new COVID-19 protection framework (traffic light system), we must require the use of a vaccine certificates (for anyone over 12 years old). Anyone can get a "My Vaccine Pass" to prove that they have been fully vaccinated (some may have a medical exemption) and need to be scanned prior to the event.


More information about vaccine certificates can be found here


Given that all our events are held in Northland, if we find ourselves in the green or orange setting, we are good to go under the COVID-19 protection framework. If Northland is in the red setting or any form of lockdown, we will not be able to hold the event. In this case, the cancellation policy you recognised and accepted when registering kicks in.


Course Maps


  • You are welcome to park in one of many surrounding streets around the Whangarei Falls or you can head over to the Tikipunga Football Grounds and make the small walk to the start area.

Start Line

  • You will start your journey from the Whangarei Falls also known as Otuihau Whangarei Falls which is a picturesque waterfall, falling vertically for 26.3 metres over basalt cliffs.


  • Traditionally this area was a good eeling spot for the local Māori and around the turn of the century it was known as a popular picnic spot from Whangarei. In the late 1920's Mr Archibald Clapham bought the property, reputedly to prevent the falls being developed as a commercial watermill. In 1946 a local businessmen's association raised the purchase price by public subscription and the property became a public domain.

Start Times


Half Marathon

  • Safety Brief - TBC

  • Start Time - TBC


  • Safety Brief - TBC

  • Start Time- TBC



  • Safety Brief - TBC

  • Start Time - TBC


Gear Drop

  • There will be an option available for participants to store gear at the administration tent while out on course. Gear can be picked up at the start/finish area. All gear must be clearly labelled with your event number. You will need to present your event number to collect your gear. While all reasonable care is taken of gear, Sport Northland is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please do not leave valuables.

Aid Stations 

This event is cupless therefore you will need to bring your own water bottle or cup. 

Half Marathon

  • 6km, 11km,15km, 18km, and finish line

  • Portaloos situated at 3km, 8km, 12km, 15km, 20km

  • Public toilets at the Whangarei Falls Carpark

Half Marathon Aid Stations will have R-Line Electrolyte Drink, water, and food to help you get through.


  • Aid stations situated at 6km, 9km, and finish line

  • Portaloos situated at 3km, 7km, 10km​

  • Public toilets at the Whangarei Falls Carpark

12km Aid Stations will have R-Line Electrolyte Drink, water, and food to help you get through.


  • Aid stations situated at 2km and finish line

  • Public toilets at the Whangarei Falls Carpark


Timing and results 

  • The event will use a timing system.

  • All participants will have their time recorded by an electronic strip connected to the back of their event number.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are wearing the event number that has been registered to you.

  • Please do not mix these up with other participants.

  • Gun time will be used for official results.



Awards Ceremony

  • At 10:00am we will only be acknowledging place getters for the 21km, 12km, and 5km only.

  • We will have spot prizes. If your bib number is showing on the prize board at the finish, make your way to the information tent and collect your prize.

Bib collection

If you entered prior to standard entries and opted for postage then your race number will be posted out. If you opted to collect your race number see below;


  • Pickup location – Sport Northland - 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington.

  • Pickup day - Thursday, 24 March 2022 – 8.00am - 5.30pm

If you missed bib collection, you can collect your bib number from the start line on race day. Allow plenty of time so you don't miss the start!


All participants who enter after the cut-off for postage (approx. 21 days out) will need to collect their race number as per above.


Event Safety Information

  • This is an off-road event. However, some parts are held on public roads.

  • Please obey all traffic laws and regulations.

  • Take extreme care when approaching driveways and side roads – expect vehicles.

  • Where there is a lane coned for participants, you are always required to remain within the cones

  • Marshals will be wearing high-visibility vests and are there for your safety. Always follow their instructions and those of the event organisers. 

  • If you need First Aid help on the course you must attract the attention of either a marshal, another runner or go to the nearest drink station or to the finish line.

  • Footpaths and footbridges are to be used where available.

  • The off-road section of the course may include steep hills which will be slippery when wet.

  • Take extreme care negotiating the course as there may be potholes, tree roots, stairs, and uneven surfaces.

  • There will be a tail marshal following behind the last participant in each distance. If assistance is required, please stop, and wait for the tail marshal or notify the nearest marshal.

  • All 3 courses are predominantly off-road. Surfaces include but not limited to, clay, loose metal, sand, road and are narrow in places with exposed tree roots underfoot – take extreme care. Please take extreme care when passing.

  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • You must complete the marked course on foot.

  • You must stay on the marked course. Short cuts are not permitted.

  • Your race bib must be visible at all times on the front of your body.

  • Earphones must be turned off when entering a road crossing.

  • If another competitor is in trouble, you must stop to help them.

  • If you withdraw from the event, report to the admin tent at the finish line. Please Do NOT leave without informing someone.

  • All competitors will be allowed to finish the race in their own time – within reason. Race officials can, and will, withdraw competitors from the course if required.

  • Use of profanity or aggression towards race officials or other competitors will result in immediate disqualification from the event. If you have a problem with the event management, speak directly to the race organiser or race director, rather than the volunteers/marshal.

  • Do Not Litter – Put your rubbish in the bins provided at the drink stations and the start/finish.

  • Pets/Dogs anywhere along the course are prohibited – this applies to competitors and volunteers.

  • Due to safety considerations, we do not allow prams, bikes, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and animals (e.g. dogs).



In the unlikely event of cancellation notice will be given on Northland’s More FM 91.6 and on our Facebook Page. Where possible attempts will be made to email participants, who have supplied an email address with their entry. While we will endeavour to make a decision to cancel an event as early as possible due to the nature of such events situations can occur quickly and without warning close to the start of an event.