Parihaka Trail Run

sponsored by BDO

02 April 2023

Sport Northland presents the Parihaka Trail Run/Walk sponsored by BDO.

Join us as we showcase some of Whangarei's most popular landmarks including Otuihau also known as Whangarei Falls which is where your journey begins. This majestic 26 metre waterfall cascades over basalt cliffs (formed over 2 million years ago) into an enticing pool at its base.  This waterfall is known as one of New Zealand’s most “photogenic”.  Participants will then navigate the winding trails of Parihaka, an ancient volcano, the Parihaka Scenic Reserve was once reputedly the site of the largest pā in New Zealand. It contains the visible remains of fortified settlement including three pā sites, housing terraces, storage pits and defensive palisades along its ridgeline. Participants will conclude their journey where it all began, at Otuihau.